Alan Smith

Sachin Tiwari

File Systems and Storage Lab


I am a Graduate Student in the Computer Science Department of Stony Brook University. My interests lie in the domains of File Systems, large scale Storage Systems, Distributed Systems and Data Protection.

Prior to joining Stony Brook University I was working at EMC Corporation in the Storage Integrated Snapshots team of the Core Technologies Division.My team was involved in creating a platform for moving data from heterogeneous storage arrays to common protection storage.

I am a part of the File Systems and Storage Lab , Stony Brook University. I will be involved in research projects in the domain of Storage Systems under the guidance of Prof. Erez Zadok.

Work Experience

Associate Software Engineer, EMC Corporation

June 2014-June 2016

  • I worked in the Storage Integrated Snapshots team implementing a platform used to move data from various SAN production storage arrays to common protection storage using snapshot technologies.
  • Developed a tool to measure performance of reads of duplicated data for varying production data change rates and various other scale measures.
  • Worked on a Model for dynamic allocation of storage resources to nodes on a SAN network based on Services Oriented Architectures and REST Services.
  • FSL Lab, Stony Brook University

  • Working in the File Systems and Storage Lab under the guidance of Prof. Erez Zadok. My work involves devising new, optimizing existing learning algorithms to auto tune different file system parameters for greater performance under different workloads.
  • Teaching Assistant

    Teaching Assistant for Prof. Erez Zadok's Advance System Programming Course for Spring '17.

    Academic Projects

    Record and Replay Stackable File System

    Implemented a stackable file system using wrapfs, that intercepts file system methods. A kernel thread was implemented to process the tracing of records in an asynchronous manner. A producer / consumer model was adopted to handle logging of operations efficiently. Also there was selective tracing of f/s methods by using ioctl's . Operations were replayed in the user level.

    Per Process System Call Vector Support

    Implemented a system in the linux kernel to maintain a vector of system calls that could be executed by a process. Also changed the clone system call to support additional parameters. The system maintained reference counts for all the vectors in use and also allowed user processes to change the vector by issuing ioctls.

    Distributed History-Based Access Control Policy Evaluation

    Working Implementation of algorithm discussed in paper "Scalable and Secure Concurrent Evaluation of History-based Access Control Policies". Improvised the existing algorithm and implementation by using multiversion concurrency control and timestamp ordering. The scheme leverages the specific structure of a policy evaluation, prevents incorrect decisions due to concurrency and also scales to a large number of machines. Implementation was done in DistAlgo ( a high level language over python).


    Stony Brook University, NY

    August 2016 - Present
    Master of Science, Dept. of Computer Science

    Subjects :Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems,Distributed Systems,Wireless and Mobile Computing

    SRM University, India

    July 2010- May 2014
    Bachelor of Technology, Dept. of Information Technology

    GPA: 9.62/10

    Key Skills

    • Operating Systems
    • Storage Systems
    • Data Deduplication
    • C, Python