Rushabh M. Shah


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Course Univesity Grade Year
M.S. Computer Science
Related Coursework:
Current: Network Security
Spring'17: Machine Learning, Probability & Statistics for Data Scientists, Parallel Programming
Fall'16: Operating Systems, Analysis of Algorithms, Theory of Databases, Artificial Intelligence
Stony Brook University 3.96/4.0 December 2017
B.E. Computer Engineering

Related Coursework: Operating Systems, System Programming and Compiler Construction, Data Structures and Files, Computer Organization and Architecture
Mumbai University 9.53/10.0 Fall 2016
Role Description Organization Year
Software Engineer Intern

  • Developed a machine learning model to predict the regions of interest in a 360 degree video
  • Used advanced image projection layouts and transformation techniques in the data generation pipeline
  • Contributed to the open source library - Caffe2 (View commit)
Facebook Summer 2017
Technical Analyst, Summer Intern

  • Developed a Java based data visualization algorithm to dynamically plot a process dependency graph
  • Designed a JavaScript based graph editor using D3.js and hierarchical table structure – Java
Barclays Technology Center India Summer 2015
Technical Intern

  • Designed a portal to connect volunteers to NGOs, enabling users to contribute their skills to the organizations
  • Developed the user interface and backend of the official company portal – HTML5, JS, CSS3, PHP
Blubears Foundation Fall 2015
Web Development Intern

  • Developed an E-Commerce bookstore to increase the outreach of the public organization
  • Acquired hands on experience on Content Management Systems – Magento, Prestashop & OpenCart
Amar Chitra Katha Media Fall 2014

Per Process Syscall Vector Table

Enhanced the Linux Kernel to support a per process syscall vector, enabling overriding of the default implementation of the system calls by intercepting them
C, Linux, Syscalls

NSA - News Summarizer & Analyzer

Developed an application that fetches the latest news on a given query and summarizes them, after clustering the related articles. Also performs Sentiment Analysis on the tweets mentioning the fetched news articles
Python, NLP

BizArt- A Complete Business Intelligence Tool

Developed a Python based Django based tool to generate reports and suggest business strategies using pattern mining, with a user friendly querying technique
Python, NLP, Data Mining


Developed a Banking Service enabling secure transactions to be carried out through messenger applications (Telegram, Whatsapp) using Android Accessibility Services

Java, Android

TRFS - A Tracing File System

Implemented Tracing Functionality in an existing file system to intercept and log its operations

C, Linux, File Systems


Developed an Android based vehicle management system to track metered vehicles in the vicinity of a user and display their details

Java, Android
Developed a financial analyzer application that helps users manage their portfolios
Android Application
Financial transactions Forex Portal targeting a user base of over 5000
Website Development
Developed organization’s website

Website Development

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