I am a Graduate Student at Stony Brook University. I am currently pursuing Master's in Computer Science. My interests lie in the domains of Operating Systems, File Systems, Distributed Computing, Data Protection and Storage Technology.

Work Experience

File System and Storage Lab - Stony Brook University

Graduate Research Assistant

January 2018 - Present

Currently involved in improving performance of FUSE framework by reducing total trip time taken by multiple requests by combining them into one request and sending one request to userspace to be processed by FUSE daemon.

Approach1: Changes in FUSE kernel module were implemented separately for different operations. Performance improvement observed was between 400% to 500%.

Approach2: Requests for different operations were batched at queue level. Code changes were minimal which leads to introduction of less bugs in existing functionality. Robustness of FUSE framework is maintained.

DELL EMC R&D (Data Domain File System Team)

Software Engineer

Aug 2016 – Jan 2018

Member of File Migration team. Worked on improving recall feature that deals with calling files from cloud that were sent for Long Term Retention back to Active Tier on Data Domain.

Designed a queuing system to support large number of data movement jobs from active tier to cloud tier and vice versa. Design is robust enough to recover from kernel panics and continue data movement after reboot.

Improved this feature by increasing the total number of parallel recall job requests on different Data Domain (DD) models. This modification helped in reducing recall time for multiple files on Active Tier.

Handled critical customer escalations in domains of Replication, Garbage Collection, Backup, Protocols and Archiving.

DELL EMC R&D (Data Domain File System Team)

Associate Software Engineer

Jun 2014 – Aug 2016

Developed a tool to automate backups on Block based and File based devices with different workloads.

Automated the process of deploying this framework on a Docker system. Effort reduced setup time by 300%.

Contributed into development of REST framework to perform different operations on Avamar backup appliance.

Worked with design team to decide design patterns to be used in framework and what functionalities to be exposed to the internal applications of Avamar.

Involved into design, development and maintenance of REST APIs to continuously improve the coverage.

Academic Projects

Designed a Stackable File System to support Recycle Bin feature:

Implemented a queue in kernel to add compression and encryption requests to be handled asynchronously.

Designed a kernel thread to run in background and remove files that cross a threshold time limit from recycle bin.

Implemented an IOCTL to recover files from garbage bin.

Developed a system call to support de-duplication of files:

Designed a system call to hardlink one file to another file in case both have same content.

Developed understanding on different components of VFS, error handling in kernel, and different locking semantics.

Designed a framework to setup Denial of Service attack on IOT devices:

Determine the IP of IOT (Google Home Mini) device in Internal Network.

Determine the threshold value of different IOT devices at which they become unresponsive in an intranet.

Multi-threaded .txt file indexing command line application to determine frequency of words across files in directory:

Developed a thread safe application that reads files from a directory asynchronously and recursively. Words from files are added to a thread safe hash table to maintain frequency of all words across all files.

Designed a thread safe linked list to store paths of files and a thread safe hash table to maintain frequency of words.