I am a graduate student at Stony Brook University pursuing a master's in computer science. My primary research interest is in cryptography, storage and security. But I am also open to exploring other research areas in theoretical computer science. Before joining SBU, I graduated from The City College of New York with a bachelor's in computer science and mathematics.

Currently, I am doing an independent study with Prof. Erez Zadok and am a part of his File systems and Storage Lab.


Distributed Query Optimization

For the project, we simulated a software-defined network environment and set up a distributed database system on a Virtual Machine. Four heterogeneous databases stored two big datasets, and each database requested data from the other three over a simulated hypercube network by turn. The program recorded the total time to gather data and execute queries. We selected the fastest database to advance the experiment based on the runtime. Finally, we repeated the process for a simulated grid network and compared the results.

It was an NSF-funded project, and my team worked under the supervision of Prof. Akira Kawaguchi.


Email: matabassum[at]cs[dot]stonybrook[dot]edu

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