I am an MS Computer Science student at Stony Brook University. I work at the File Systems and Storage Lab with Ming Chen under the guidance of Prof. Erez Zadok. I am working on maximizing the performance of the Network File System(NFS). Prior to this I worked as a Systems Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services for 3 years. I am interested in Systems, primarily Storage, OS, Distributed Systems and High Performance Systems. I love understanding how various factors affect the performance of systems and figuring out ways to make things run faster.


• 3 years of work experience developing software using C/C++ on Linux. Basic knowledge of shell scripting.
• Experience working with and applying concepts like shared memory, inter-process communication, socket programming, multithreading and signaling.
• Linux kernel programming.
• Experience with performance evaluation and optimization of systems and knowledge of NUMA, HugePages and In-memory Databases.
• Basic knowledge of Java.




Awards and Honors

- Achieved a perfect score(340) in the GRE(Graduate Record Examination).

- Received a scholarship for the entire duration of my undergrad studies.

- Awarded 'Star of The Month' at Tata Consultancy Services in July 2015.