Vishnu Vardhan Rajula

Graduate student at Stony Brook University



About Me

I am a masters student (joined Aug 2015) at the Department of Computer Science, Stony Brook University. I work in File systems and Storage Lab (FSL) under Prof. Erez Zadok.


Stony Brook UniversityAug 2015 - present

Master of Science, Computer Science

National Institute of Technology Warangal Jul 2009 - Apr 2013

Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering

Industrial Experience

Oracle India (Member of Technical Staff)Jun 2013 - Jul 2015

Worked on Oracle B2B and Oracle SOA suite for Healthcare Intergration as a QA Engineer

Languages/Platforms used: C++, Java, Linux, Windows, ANT, XML, Oracle ADE, Oracle Jdeveloper, SQL,Selenium IDE & WebDriver, web services

Project at FSL


Graduate Coursework

Spring 2016

  • CSE 504 - Compiler Design, Prof. C Ramakrishnan
  • CSE 508 - Network Security, Prof. Michail Polychronakis
  • CSE 523 - Advanced Project I, Prof. Erez Zadok
  • CSE 534 - Fundament of Computer Networks

Fall 2015

  • CSE 506 - Operating Systems, Prof. Erez Zadok
  • CSE 548 - Analysis of Algorithms, Prof. Jie Gao
  • CSE 549 - Computational Biology, Prof. Rob Patro
  • CSE 570 - Wireless and Mobile Networks, Prof. Samir Das
Academic Projects

Anti-Malware Stackable File System | Operating SystemsFall 2015

A Linux Stackable File System to detect malware patterns and quarantine bad files. Malware pattern DB updated through IOCTL interface.
Languages/APIs used: C, Linux list API and IOCTL interface

Multimode Asynchronous System call | Operating SystemsFall 2015

A Linux system call to schedule asynchronous requests for different file operations (encrypting/decrypting or concatenating) on a priority basis.
Languages/APIs used: C, Linux work-queue API, crypto API, net-link sockets, locks and pthreads

Alignment Free Network Comparison | Computational BiologyFall 2015

Implemented a graph/network signature independent of the structure for comparing proteins and other biological networks.
Languages/APIs used: Python, networkx, numpy

Relating Quality of Service to Quality of Experience | Wireless NetworksFall 2015

Formulated an empirical model for measuring quality of experience from various quality of service parameters in a wireless network.
Languages/APIs used: Python, Selenium Web-driver, Firebug, Netexport, Linux TC & netem utilities, ping and iperf


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