Career Profile

I'm a Computer Science Master's student at Stony Brook University. My research interests include Operating Systems and Algorithm Design. I am currently working in the File systems and Storage Lab under the guidance of Prof. Erez Zadok, on File systems in Userspace (FUSE) research.


Senior Member Technical

2013 - 2016
D. E. Shaw & Co., Hyderabad

- Helped deliver the High-Frequency Trading (HFT) system of the firm on a monthly release cycle. Ran the firm’s trading algorithms through test trading systems and analyzed their behavior; debugged and fixed issues (Languages - Python, Java and Perl).

- Developed a Python API from scratch to manage test trading systems, increasing productivity by over 50%.

- Developed a large automation framework that tested Linear Programming algorithms using a Python-to-Java RMI interface. This automated over 1000 test cases, and the framework was also used in other projects.


A list of projects I've worked on so far (Links are provided wherever possible. Source code for the rest can be obtained on demand).

Trfs - A Linux filesystem to trace and record all filesystem operations like read, write etc. The operations can later be replayed separately. C, Kernel Programming
Syscall Vectorizer - A Linux module that allows each process to have its own syscall "vectors" or overrides. New syscalls can be dynamically loaded using modules. C, Kernel Programming
XMergeSort - A Linux syscall that sorts a given set of files. C, Kernel Programming
Student Course Feedback Summarizer - An unsupervised learning approach that summarizes student course feedback responses using Integer Linear Programming. Python
StonyCCS - A consensus-calling tool that looks at multiple DNA reads and calls the best possible sequence. Python
Human Motion Detection and Identification in Videos - A video-analyzer that identifies and tracks human beings using Adaptive Background Modeling and a Support Vector Machine. C, MATLAB
CHAOS (Cognitive Hand in Automobile Orchestrating Systems) - A road traffic controller that dynamically allocates signal times based on vehicular load. C, 8051 MCU


Languages: Python, C, C++, Java, Perl, Bash, Awk, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL

Technologies: Linux, Git, MATLAB

Graduate Coursework

CSE 506 - Operating Systems
CSE 537 - Artificial Intelligence
CSE 548 - Analysis of Algorithms
CSE 549 - Computational Biology

CSE 532 - Theory of Database Systems
CSE 564 - Visualization
CSE 613 - Parallel Programming