Master of Science in Computer Science @Stony Brook University

AUG 2016 - DEC 2017

GPA: 3.88 / 4.0
Coursework: Operating Systems, Analysis of Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Theory of Database Systems, Machine Learning, Probability and Statistics for Data Science, Parallel Programming, Network Security.

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology @Mumbai University

AUG 2012 - JUN 2016

GRADE: 9.00 / 10 [Gold medalist]
Coursework: Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Advanced Database Management Systems, Distributed Systems, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, Web Programming, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality


Programming Languages:

Java, C, SQL, Python, C++

Web technologies:

Javascript, HTML, CSS

Work Experience

SDE Intern @Amazon, Seattle (WA), USA

JUN 2017 - AUG 2017

Designed a new feature for to feature most relevant products to customers based on graphs built on keywords and product clusters.
Technologies used: Java, Python, Shell Scripting.

Intern @Barclays Technology Centre India, Pune

JUN 2015 - JUL 2015

Designed an online portal to track the movement of data feeds amongst various applications at Barclays.
Built a dependency graph by qeurying applications, keeping track of approximate processing delay for each feed.
Technologies used: Eclipse (BIRT), Oracle Database, Shell scripting.
This portal helped the department to contact appropriate team directly in case of delays.

Teaching Assistant @Stony Brook University, NY, USA


Responsible for grading and code reviews for Software Engineering (CSE308).

Teaching Assistant @Sardar Patel Institute of Technology

AUG 2015 - NOV 2015

Conducted classes and practical sessions for the courses
Database Management Systems (SEIT305), having 75 second year students and
Operating Systems (TEIT502), having 77 third year students.


dm-dedup in File Systems and Storage Lab, under Prof. Erez Zadok@2017

Contributed to Linux Kernel source code by fixing a bug in the Linux Kernel's device mapper.
C, Kernel Programming

Controlled Parallel Depth-First Search Scheduler @2017

Built a parallel scheduler to make efficient cache usage.

Analysis of NFS Traces @2017

Applied statistical hypothesis testing methods on 387GB of DataSeries NFS Trace files.

Distributed Computing on Mobile Devices @2016

Built an android application that reads profile of idle devices and divides the load accordingly of master device and uses MapReduce algorithms.
A database was maintained to keep track of how data is chunked, distributed to slaves and progress statistics.
Java, Android, WiFi Direct

Per process vectors @2016

Intercepted system call in Linux kernel (C programming) to allow users to define vectors which are combination of one or more custom system calls.
These vectors can be enabled/disabled per process.
C, Kernel Programming

Traceable Stackable File System @2016

Modified a stackable Linux File System using Linux kernel programming to enable tracing it operations to logs and replay of those logs.
C, Kernel Programming

News Summarizer and Analyzer @2016

Summarizes news articles fetched from Google News for given user query and runs sentimental analysis on tweets which are mentioning these news articles.
Sentiment analysis, python, NLTK, sci-kit learn, tweepy.

Emtron Website @2014

Built the frontend of a marketplace website for a startup company Emtron to host innovative projects made by students or professional using HTML, CSS, PHP.

DocFind @2015

Android application to enable people to search for doctors based on their location and specializations for particular illnesses. Data was stored in MySQL database.

Loan Estimator @2015

An android application used in banks to provide loan estimates to clients. It used Data mining algorithms to use previous data to provide the new estimates. It used SQLite Database.