• I am a masters student at Computer Science department at Stony Brook University
  • I am interested in research in field of Operating System and Storage
  • I am working in FSL lab under Prof. Erez Zadok
  • I speak English and Hindi
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  • Stony Brook University, MS in Computer Science, Jan. 2014 - Present
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering, New Delhi, B.Tech in Information Technology, Aug. 2008 - June. 2012

Corporate Experience

  • Associate Software Engineer, Computer Science Corporation, Oct. 2012 - Jan. 2014


Academic Projects

  • To become familiar with the VFS layer of Linux and extensible file systems APIs and build a modified file system using wrapfs:(Under Prof. Erez Zadok CSE-506)

    -Implemented a stackable fan out file system named U2FS which supported two lower branches out of which one was read only like CD-ROM and other was read-write. Modified existing wrapfs code to extend it to support two lower branches.
  • To learn about asynchronous and concurrent processing, kernel locking, efficiency, and callbacks: (Under Prof. Erez Zadok CSE-506)

    -Implemented producer consumer mechanism in Kernel space with one producer thread and two consumer thread with locking. Producer inserted tasks into the queue and consume performed operations like Encryprion/Decryption and Checksum on the task.
  • Link Prediction and Page Rank in Academia: (Under Prof. Jie Gao CSE-592)

    Implemented three link prediction algorithms namely CNGF, Prolific Nearest Nodes and Random walk on a graph which consists as professors and their interests as nodes. Also implemented page rank to on a dataset of research papers to find out which papers were more popular. Data was taken from Google scholar and predictive accuracy was measured.


  • X.Y[at]stonybrook.edu, X=Kumar, Y=Sourav