Hi, I am a Computer Science Graduate Student at Stony Brook University and currently doing my independent study under Prof. Erez Zadok at File Systems and Storage Lab since Sept'12. I completed my undergraduation from Thapar Institute of engineering and technology, Patiala, Punjab, India. Prior to joining Stony Brook, I was working with NetApp India pvt.Ltd. as a developer for close to 4 years.

About Me

Overall 4 years of experience in Kernel, filesystems, SAN (SCSI, Fibre Channel protocol) subsystems.


Industry Experience (4 years):

* Worked as a filesystems developer on WAFL (NetApp proprietary file system) and devised effecient write allocation policies improving the performance of write allocation process and giving better locality to the data on disk without adding any overhead to the system.
* Ported Berkeley DB on ONTAP(NetApp proprietary operating system) kernel.
* Worked on Content Repository (object storage solution from NetApp) in devising asynchronous communication between nodes of a cluster to exchange metadata.
* Worked on supporting Oracle Secure Backup (tape backup application) on DataFort (Network encryption device) which helped in managing encryption keys per tape / pool_of_tapes.
* Worked on SAN side (SCSI, Fibre Channel protocol) of DataFort and fixed customer critical bugs.
* Worked on Lifetime Key Manager (LKM, a key manager device for DataFort) improving the keys sync mechanism between two LKMs.


Fall 2012
CSE 506: Operating Systems, Prof. Donald Porter
CSE 548: Analysis of Algorithms, Prof. Rob Johnson
CSE 570: Wireless Networks, Prof. Samir Das
CSE 593: Independent Study at File Systems and Storage Lab under Prof. Erez Zadok

Miscellaneous Information

Hobbies: Table Tennis

Contact Information

E-mail: dpakjain [at] gmail [dot] com