About Me:

  • I joined Stony Brook University as a computer science graduate student in spring 2014.
  • I am doing research in FSL under the guidance of Prof. Erez Zadok.
  • My research interests includes Operating Systems and Big Data.


  • Stony Brook University, Masters in Computer Science, January 2014 - Present
  • Thapar University, B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, July 2008 - June 2012

Industrial Experiences:

  • Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte Consulting, Gurgaon, India, June 2012 - December 2013
  • Intern, Aricent Technology, Gurgaon, India, Jan 2011 - July 2011


  • CSE 506, Operating Systems, Prof. Erez Zadok, Spring 2014
  • CSE 548, Analysis of Algorithms, Prof. Rezaul Chowdhury, Spring 2014
  • CSE 590, Data Mining, Prof. Anita Wasilewska, Spring 2014
  • CSE 592, Social Networks, Prof. Jie Gao, Spring 2014

Academic Projects:

  • Stackable, fan-out, unification file system u2fs:
    1. A Linux based file-system which takes two directories and combines their contents recursively.
    2. All the VFS operations have been modified by making u2fs a stackable file system.
    3. U2fs provides copy-on-write semantics for read only directories making it very useful for LiveCD.
    4. Technology Used: C
  • Asynchronous priority based queuing mechanism:
    1. A Linux based asynchronous producer-consumer priority queuing mechanism which queues jobs by producers in a shared structure from where consumers can fetch and process them asynchronously.
    2. The mechanism supports encryption/decryption and checksums by various algorithms.
    3. Producers and consumers are kthreads all running in parallel protected by locks thereby making process very efficient.
    4. Technology Used: C
  • Link Prediction Model for Social Networks:
    1. A link prediction model for academia social networks which uses training data and predicts which authors are likely to work together in future.
    2. Data is extracted by a crawler made using Java Servlets which crawls google scholar.
    3. Page rank concept is also implemented for searching research papers on a particular topic.
    4. Technology Used: Core Java, Java Servlets, MySQL.


  • Please email me for a copy.


  • X.Y[at]stonybrook.edu, X=Abhishek, Y=Gupta.